Word KMT means in ancient Egyptian for the mud of the Nile river. Which produces the finest cotton in the world. “KMT” an Egyptian company, was founded in 2016, making the finest tonne of ancient Kemet Land. We are also making the finest material in the finest industry to represent our products outside. We supply uor products to hotels, restaurants, sports and health clubs, clinics and hospitals to which they are required.

Our Brand Promise

We are committed to offering our consumers high-quality products crafted from premium Egyptian cotton and materials. Our mission is to create a unique experience by sharing our story and educating our audience about the excellence of Egyptian products. Join us in exploring the rich heritage and unparalleled quality of our offerings.


Our mission is to design and deliver products that embody the highest standards of quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. By integrating the rich heritage of Egyptian cotton and engaging storytelling, we aim to create memorable experiences and emotional connections with every use of our products.


Our vision is to honor and elevate the legacy of Egyptian cotton and craftsmanship. Through our commitment to comfort, quality, affordability, and innovation, we aspire to transform homes and celebrate the art of Egyptian artisanship.